Our Library

Darul Uloom Arabic College Library  provides a reader-friendly environment and best learning experience. The built up area spans 252 Sq. Mtr. and comprises a reference section, stack area, reading area and a network resource centre. Library system is reviewed by the Library Advisory committee which recommends suggestions. The Library has a good collection of books(more than 9000), journals, periodicals and newspapers. The Reading area has a seating capacity of 30 and the Network resource centre facilitates. The Network resource centre  with 5 computers which facilitate the students to download, scan and take printouts of the resources. Latest book additions are displayed in the reception of the library. Plug in facility for laptops with internet connectivity, Xerography facility, Media lab, Surveillance cameras and Barcoding scanners are also available.

The library is fully automated with standard library software named KOHA. Books are arranged on the shelves according to Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC). The Library offers Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) – a computerized catalogue service which is provided to locate the documents available in the Library quickly. The OPAC is a module of KOHA software, which was installed in the academic year 2014- 2015, and updated version is installed in 2019. The user access, book search, book issue and return are automated. Bar-coded Card and Personal Library issue registers are issued to users. This software is provided with multiple search options like searching books or its copy with respect to Accession Number, Title wise, Author wise, Subject wise & any keyword we provide. The software helps the user to get the complete details of the book such as list of contents, Author, Edition, Publisher, year of publishing, etc. The details regarding the location of a book, whether the book is issued or not etc. are also available.

Institutional resources like previous year question papers, newspaper clippings, e-books and dissertation, PhD. thesis are made available to the users. The library conducts Orientation classes to the users every year to make them aware of various services and e-resources available in the institution. The Library Conducts Book Exhibition to familiarize the students with new books added in the library. Reading Day is celebrated every year with seminars, discussions and book reviews. Seminars on e-resources, plagiarism, Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights and Book exhibitions are also conducted. A Best Library User Award is constituted to encourage reading habits in students. The institution takes earnest effort to collect and maintain rare books in the library. 

Safe drinking water facility is also available in the library. The library provides training to BLISC students of neighbouring institutions for their academic dissertation on request. Annual stock verification and maintenance of books are carried out well in time.


1. To plan, procure, develop and maintain adequate library resources for responding to the information needs of college community.

2. To provide a learning environment conducive to academic needs along with regular updating of learning resources.

3. To orient the students, faculty and staff with regards to the usage of library resources and use of new technology in Library.

4. To disseminate relevant and updated information to faculty, students and staff.

5. To provide users with prompt offline and online services.

6. To conduct various activities, maintain records and report.